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Advent Calendar 2018 - in aid of Julie's Bicycle

by Stamp The Wax

"When I heard that STW was giving to a sustainable and environmentally conscious charity for their yearly advent calendar, I immediately wanted to be part of the project. I think it’s important to contribute and give back to charities that speak to you and with my environmental background, this felt like the right thing to do. I think it’s important to spread environmental awareness and contribute where one feels a connection. Like all of my tracks, they usually start with how I was feeling that day. Being on the road can get lonely sometimes and I was missing Canada. This piece came out melancholic as a result but uplifting at the same time. Using your feelings and current internal process to make tracks can be incredibly meditative."
"We decided to tear apart a load of Christmas classics and see where they ended up after we put them back together in our style. Jingle bells was just one of the victims. We liked the idea of conveying an alternative feeling for the festive period through some tunes that are very familiar to people in this country."
"It's a track about the sky...there're places where the clouds run fast, other places where the clouds are slower than molasses. You may say 'ok.. it's about the wind that blows' but I'm not sure at all. Too simple. I'd like to think that the clouds are very, very curious, so when there's something new or really interesting they move so fast to see what's happening. Somedays when there's nothing to do the clouds are sad with nothing boring to do and just wait the evening to go back home."
"Pulled from the hard drive of a dead laptop, here’s the long-lost alternative version of Looking Up, originally a vinyl-only release on the now defunct BRSTL. When I was finishing this to put out, Chris Farrell wanted a slightly shorter mix. Our mate Joe Kowton kindly helped me edit it down and push it through for completion. But I always quite liked the switch up at the end of this original version. Shouts to Chris and Adam for putting out my first record and to Joe for his hand in helping me finish the tunes, way back when. It felt like a real furtive time in Bristol dance music."
"A cool down period is highly recommended after a vigorous exercise workout, the same can be true for me in the DJ realm. After a heavy set I like to decompress with my own private collection of "cool down" music in order to slow the heart and breath rate to a nice calm. BlueBlack is just one of a collection of cool down creations I plan to release. I'm inspired to be part of this charitable cause, had I not been involved this composition may have never seen the light of day!" - Scott Grooves
"I made the track having this particular place in mind - NII or Nauka i Iskusstvo, which literally translates as Science and Art.The venue is great DIY spot in Moscow by the guys with punk and hip-hop background. Dudes behind Gost Zvuk and Rassvet labels. I was about to play a first gig there and it was kind of my take on what was the vibe there i guess. There were couple times when this was almost approved to be pressed on a record, but somehow that never came about, so here it is!" - Lipelis
"This tune was made with a lot of smoke in the room, thanks to some good local tel aviv weed :) I called it ‘Kids Talk Shit’ cause that's the vibe i got from that kids sample in it and the dark vibes of the track made me remember the dark times in school/childhood when kids were talking shit for no specific reason. Now I understand that it's a simple given fact of life - kids talk shit!" - Alek Lee
"Abakua is the name of a secret mens society in Cuba with its own language, music and culture. It’s rhythms form an integral part of Cuban rumba and still hold major influence today. This track is inspired by those rhythms, using them to create structure that contrast and create tension with the electronic elements. This particular track includes an intense solo from saxophonist Binker Golding." - Ariwo
"A lost record that needed a revamp and airing like some wine. The hypnotic loop keeping the dance floor edgy until it drops to boogie and then its party all night long" - Jonny Rock
"It was one of those projects that kept getting opened but never bounced, but then we had the opportunity to put some sleigh bells on and wrapped it up for you guys." - The Colours That Rise
"Steppin" is just about letting go and steppin out to have a good time by yourself. I am invoking that excitement from my early days of getting ready to go out to a place where I knew the vibe was going to be on point. I have always been a dancer content to just get into my own zone on the dance floor and just fly. It is not a club thing, it's about that freedom that you can feel expressing yourself on your own terms on the dance floor. That kind of feeling and that type of place can be hard to find these days that is why the song has a classic old world flavour, but to me the classic feeling never goes out of style.” - Jenifa Mayanja
"I was getting inundated with demos people were telling me were EBM but they nearly all sounded like some generic funk-less mulsh to my ears. The real deal has funk encoded deep into its sequences. Eventually, to cleanse my ears I dug out some tracks by some of the masters of the genre and fell in love with this one all over again. I’d always wanted an instrumental version and as there wasn’t one I edited this together from a load of tiny fragments so I could have one." - JD Twitch
“I found the beat on Soundcloud and loved it immediately – it’s produced by Leplezett who’s from Hungary. I’ve reached out a couple times but those lot are seriously hard to get through to! Anyway, it explores the norms of growing up in inner city London. In and around both the madness and tranquility – then reflecting on how that affects us into adulthood.”
"The track was made as an intro for The Pilotwings live set last year. It's been made in our studio in x rousse, with multiple layers of synths and by telling imaginary stories in a fake Iberic language. Inspired by Catalan friends and shale gas issue, hence the name." - The Pilotwings
"Coasting is one of those tunes you make at the end of a frustrating studio session where it’s like fuck this I’m gonna do what I know and have fun with it. It’s Juno 107 chords with a battered Jen synth lead and some dirty boogie snares holding it together. We hope it makes you wanna sway melancholically somewhere soon." - Manuel Darquart
"The track is a slower paced contemplative version of a piece from our forthcoming record. We started making tunes after having being friends for a while and sharing a common love for wildlife and esoterica. Jumanji is an opportunity for us to make tracks we want to hear in clubs, recontextualizing sounds that are dear to us and hopefully create meaningful collective moments."- Jumají


One new track every day of the Advent, donated by some of our favourite artists.

This year's Calendar is in aid of Julie's Bicycle, a non-profit that supports the creative industry to take action on climate change. With Julie's Bicycle we're launching Green Riders, a campaign that will help touring artists work alongside venues, festivals, labels and promoters to become more sustainable.

All money raised through Bandcamp sales goes directly to the Green Riders campaign, so please give generously. Join the campaign and get more info → bit.ly/Green-Riders

Artwork by Emily Evans.



released December 1, 2018


all rights reserved


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